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Your success as an advertiser is mainly based on the quality of your products and services, your programme conditions and the relationship with your publishers. At zanox we offer a great set of tools and features which help you to make your work easier and more efficient so that you can focus on what really counts.

Check out some of our tools below!

zanox marketplace

The zanox marketplace is our user interface. It is the place to be when it comes to finding publishers, managing ad media, setting your payment preferences and much more:

  • Promote your profile with an attractive programme profile¬†
  • Set up an attractive commission model and create promotions
  • Find publishers in the publisher directory. Use search and filter options to find the best-matching publishers
  • Contact publishers directly and invite them to join your programme
  • Manage your open publisher applications and transactions with great ease

Publisher directory

With the Publisher Directory, the zanox marketplace offers a powerful tool that allows you to browse existing publishers on the network and filter them according to your preferences. Use filters, search functionalities and our ad rank to find the most relevant publishers for you.

Invite publishers you want to work with to your programme and start building relationships!

Enhanced statistics

Evaluate and optimise your programme performance with our performance statistics. A variety of reports provide you with standard reports of your programme performance and the performance of specific publishers, ad media or product categories.

Adjust reports to your personal preferences with our custom reports. Simply change the standard report filters and select the columns you want to be displayed in the results table. You can choose from a wide range of values such as eCPM, eCPC, sales count, or sales commission.

  • Greather insights in the transactions you generated
  • Learn what works best
  • Optimise your programme

Learn more about performance statistics for advertisers.


With a proven track record for accuracy and reliability, zanox provides market-leading tracking covering all your performance KPIs. Our tracking also supports mobile advertising to increase your mobile performance.

Using multiple tracking methods zanox ensures to track the maximum possible number of transactions:

  • ID tracking
  • Fingerprint tracking
  • Cookie tracking

Learn more about our affiliate tracking methods.


The zanox MasterTag is a container to be placed on the advertiser's website. It enables easy integration of various value-added services and applications, such as web analytics tools or retargeting.

  • Fast, one-time implementation
  • Easy and quick integration of new technologies and innovations
  • Add new publisher solutions independent from your own IT

Browse through our MasterTag services.

ERP Client

The zanox ERP Client is a data exchange service between you and the zanox marketplace. With the help of the ERP Client you can export tracking information (leads/sales/baskets) as a data set and edit it directly on your computer. A great solution to bulk update the status of your transactions. The ERP Client synchronises the updated information with the zanox marketplace automatically.

Download materials:

ERP Documentation [ZIP]
ERP Client Installer [ZIP]

Promotion opportunities

Get the attention of all pubilshers in our network by taking advantage of our promotion opportunities!

Ad spaces

zanox has a wide range of ad spaces at disposal (newsletters, banner in the zanox marketplace, landing pages) to promote your programme. Reach out to new potential publishers or motivate publishers to promote your programme even more. Have a look at all ad space solutions or contact your account manager to discover all the possibilities.

Promotion tool

Increasing your commissions, promoting end-consumer incentives or an improved commission scale can be used to motivate publishers to work with you. With the promotion tool you can create your promotion directly in the zanox marketplace. Your promotion will be visible to all publishers in the zanox network via the publisher dashboard and our publisher newsletter - no additional steps necessary.

Seasonal calendar

The zanox Seasonal Calendar gives you an overview of all upcoming promotion opportunities, industry events and related timings for communication. Make sure to select the right occasions to boost the success of your affiliate programme.

Single sign-on

In the zanox marketplace, you can access several programmes via a single central login, thereby boosting the efficiency of your administration and reporting for the different programmes. It also allows multiple accounts per programme with different authorisation levels.

Publisher scouting

Experienced publisher managers are always seeking for innovative new publisher models and to bring them into the zanox marketplace. Take advantage of zanox publisher scouting services by finding the best publishers in our network. Finding quality partners is the foundation for a successful long-term relationship to boost your leads & sales continiously. Get in touch with your zanox contact for further details and opportunities.

Publisher quality management

We place great value in the quality of our network. With the transparency of the zanox marketplace, advertisers have a complete overview of all transactions and via which publisher, ad space and ad media they were generated.

If you are unsure about the business activities of a publisher, we encourage you to get in touch with the publisher personally. Please, get in touch with us if  you suspect publishers with suspicious activities. This way we can take appropriate actions. With a specialised publisher quality team, network quality is one of our main priorities.

Payment and billing services

zanox takes care of the flow of money from advertisers to all publishers. As soon as you confirmed open transactions in your account, the commissions will be paid out to the corresponding publishers automatically.

Our products

Affiliate marketing

Make publishers a significant part of your online marketing strategy and build long-term relationships with them in the zanox marketplace.


Boost your sales en leads quickly for a time-limited upfilft in performance.

Performance Display

Reach out to the best-suited consumers for your budget with zanox performance-based retargeting.

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