Whitepaper Black Friday: What impact does the marketing event actually have in Europe and the world?

Berlin, 24th November 2015 – November Black Friday, the American retail phenomenon is imminent. But what significance does the super marketing event actually have in the online and affiliate industry outside of its country of origin?

The zanox group answers this question in its most recent whitepaper. The document contains analysis of transactions in more than 4000 online shops and 20 countries and compares the performance on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to the rest of the festive season. Not only do we show revenues and AOVs, we also look at the 24h timeframe to see at which daytimes customers are more likely to be attracted by offers and which devices they use to place their order in that specific daytime.

  • In 2015 Black Friday will gain more importance and outstrip Cyber Monday
  • Poor impact in Germany and France in 2014
  • Huge Uplifts in Brasil
  • Smartphones deliver traffic, but with lower conversion rates
  • Smartphones convert bette rat night and in the early morning

Download the complete whitepaper including extensive statistics here!