zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2013

Europe is still playing it big in m-commerce – growth rates of 95% in mobile revenues and 64% in mobile transactions – no levelling effect in sight yet
• Consumers trust in mobile as purchasing platform grows
• Android strikes back
• "Year of Travel" with strong mobile players on the advertiser and publisher side                                                                                                                            
Berlin, 13 May 2014 - zanox, the leading European performance advertising network, releases the third annual zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2013 with outstanding results.
All results and findings are based on facts and data from the zanox network, reflecting insights, trends and developments in m-commerce and mobile consumer behavior in Europe.
Not only the amount of mobile phones and tablets increases year-by-year, but also the revenue generated via these devices hits new heights every year. With exceptional growth rates of 64% in mobile transactions and even 95% in mobile revenues, m-commerce was on a triumphal procession in 2013, continuing in 2014.

This trend is also reflected in the share of mobile revenue, which climbed to 8% in 2013 at the zanox average, compared to 6% in 2012. In January 2014 this number increases even to 11.1% in January 2014, leading to the assumption, that mobile performance did not reach its limits yet.
New standards are set especially by new, more affordable tablets that have been entering the market just before Christmas 2013, assumed to give mobile performance an extra boost in 2014. This is observed in a shift in mobile revenue by device towards Android.

"Over the past few years, we have observed a persistent upward trend in mobile shopping ‒ one that continues today. A growing number of consumers are becoming more enthusiastic about shopping mobile every day. The steadily growing reach of mobile devices, new mobile shopping solutions and improved usability add leverage to the users' inclination to buy using mobile devices", says Thomas Joosten, zanox CEO.
"Our goal is to build meaningful relationships between advertisers and publishers to best serve the consumer – no matter where they decide to shop. In the future, we will see a true integration of e commerce, m-commerce and the offline shopping experience, such as will facilitate innovation and development at all levels, with a strong focus on mobile."

Country performance: Scandinavia and Benelux share the pole position – Germany ranks average
Comparing the mobile revenue-share (2013) and year-on-year revenue-growth (2012-2013) across Europe, Scandinavia is once again among the pacesetter in both criteria (15% share of mobile revenue, 116% year-on-year revenue growth). However, it took a photo-finish with Benelux, with its 14%-share of mobile revenue and year-on-year growth of 119%. These figures show that while both markets are advanced in mobile performance, they still have potential for further growth.

Performance by industries: Eastern Europe is sky rocking in Travel with more than 1,000%

Looking at the industry breakdown in mobile revenues, average growth rates vary from 185% (Travel), 162% (Financial Services), 114% (Telco & Services) to 81% (Retail & Shopping).
On a country level, Eastern Europe observes the largest increase in Travel, with outstanding 1,001%. With at growth rate of 331% Eastern Europe is also leading the ranking in Retail & Shopping.

Android strikes back
It's game on between Apple and Android. Especially in 2013 Android caught up with Apple and its iPhone and iPad – comparing operating systems as well as mobile revenue-share by device. Thus, this leads to the assumption that the new Adroid tablets will foster this shift in the near future.
Nevertheless, the iOS operating system is still in the lead with an average share of 62% against Android with 35% at zanox average.
Looking at the revenue-share by device, a more complex picture is drawn. Comparing only smart phones, Android is in the lead with 30% compared to iPhone with 16%. Taking iPad into account, Apple products are adding up to 69% - almost factor 2.5 of Android's revenue-share.
Average order values climb new heights with 78 € on iPad in 2013 and 88 € in Q1 2014
The average order value by device has constantly increased from 2012 to Q1 2014. Android even observed a 20% year-on-year increase (2012/2013), summing up the average order value to an amount of 42 € on Android devices in 2013. iPad is leading with a 78 €-average per order, while iPhone users add items worth 52 € on average to their baskets (2013).
These numbers even increased significantly in Q1 2014, highlighting the continuously growing trust in mobile consumption.

Detailed information and all graphics of the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2013 can be found on our zanox blog.

About the "zanox Mobile Performance Barometer"
With its transaction-based business model, the international zanox performance advertising network provides the largest and most relevant European platform for the analysis of trends and developments in the fields of e-commerce and m-commerce.

The analysis is based on an appraisal of over 1,000 advertiser programmes in seven European markets (Benelux, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and Spain) with annual consumer transactions in the double-figure millions range. With this, the findings of the "zanox Mobile Performance Barometer" provide decisive indicators for shifts in market shares and user habits in m-commerce. The "zanox Mobile Performance Barometer" is a sure gauge for developments in m-commerce ‒ one which is not based on projections, surveys or other expert opinions, but rather, plainly and simply, on real consumer transactions; in other words, purchases, contract completions or subscriptions.