zanox Mobile Performance Barometer first half year 2014: Tablets massively outperform Smartphones

  • Mobile transactions reach a new peak (smartphone and tablets)Logo zanox Mobile Performance Barometer
  • Tablets are accountable for two-thirds of all mobile revenue
  • Tablets show the highest average order value at 74 Euros, iPads even higher value at 82 Euros

Berlin/Cologne, 10 September 2014 – zanox launches the latest zanox Mobile Performance Barometer with outstanding results. Reviewing the numbers of the first half year 2014, the leading European Performance Advertising Network analyses its numbers to allow a comprehensive and future-driven overview of the developments and trends in m-commerce. In this version zanox particularly focusses on the developments in the tablet market in Europe and the role of iOS and Android.

 zanox-MPB-2014-InfografikThe rise of mobile continues in 2014 with exceptional growth rates of 50% in mobile transactions and 70% in mobile revenue. Even after the impressive numbers in 2013 we see a continuous positive development: overall numbers in transactions across the zanox network exceed last year’s numbers massively.

The share of mobile (revenue) reaches a new peak in June with 14%, while the average share of mobile was 9% in 2013. Noteworthy is also the split between tablets and smartphones: while tablets are responsible for almost two-third (10%) of the revenues generated via mobile devices, only one-third (4%) is generated via Smartphones. On the other hand we see great potential in smartphones – combined with new technologies like iBeacons and innovative business ideas they can make a difference in connecting the online and offline world.

“Mobile is becoming more relevant and more powerful every day – constantly reaching new heights. Innovative business models support this trend and generate additional value for consumers and business alike. My own experience shows that tablets play an important role in m-commerce, but smartphones are on the rise in a new dimension. Online-to-offline consumer experience is a new way to include m-commerce in the overall customer journey” says Thomas Joosten, CEO zanox. “I personally believe in the power of smartphones and tablets to enhance our everyday life. The latest results from the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer prove my gut feeling.”

Another highlight for sure is the average transaction size via tablets, smartphones and desktop. Here Apple devices are strongly in the lead when it comes to average order value. Sole leader is the iPad with 82 €. The average order value via tablets (average of all tablets) follows with 74 €. Noteworthy is also the average order value via iPhone (63 €), which ranks closely behind desktop with 68 €. Opposed to this, the average smartphone order value (average of all smartphones) adds up to 44 € only. This shows that Apple users are still the main spenders in m-commerce in regards to order values.

The full zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2014 with more insights on m-commerce, the latest developments and trends in this field as well as additional analyses in this sector can be found here:

About the “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer”

With its transaction-based business model, the international zanox performance advertising network provides the largest and most relevant European platform for the analysis of trends and developments in the fields of e-commerce and m-commerce.

The analysis is based on an appraisal of over 1,000 advertiser programmes in seven European markets (Benelux, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and Spain) with annual consumer transactions in the double-figure millions range. With this, the findings of the “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer” provide decisive indicators for shifts in market shares and user habits in m-commerce. The “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer” is a sure gauge for developments in m-commerce ‒ one which is not based on projections, surveys or other expert opinions, but rather, plainly and simply, on real consumer transactions; in other words, purchases, contract completions or subscriptions.

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