How to validate your ad space

An ad space can be any website, blog or other traffic source you use to promote a partner programme. As a publisher, you can create an unlimited number of ad spaces in your publisher profile. Make sure to validate your ad space(s), as it is a mandatory requirement for launching your publisher activities with zanox.

Did you know that a validated ad space holds many advantages for publishers? It only takes you a few steps to accomplish!

How to validate your ad space

Benefits of a validated ad space

No matter what kind of ad space you are using for your publisher success, a validated ad space holds many advantages and is a requirement to work with advertisers in the zanox network.

  • Without a validated ad space, it is not possible to apply to advertiser programmes.
  • A validated ad space proofs trust and reliabilty, it shows that you own the listed ad space(s).
  • A validated ad space is part of a full profile completion, which enables advertisers to find and connect with you.

How to validate your ad space

You can validate your ad space by either implementing an HTML meta tag in the head of your website, or by uploading an HTML verification file to the root of your domain. As soon as the zanox marketplace validated your ad space, you are ready to apply for advertiser programmes.

Validating your ad space only takes a few clicks. Just follow these easy steps and validate your ad space today!

Your next steps

Create a complete and attractive publisher profile

Market yourself as a publisher and await invitations from advertisers.

Find and apply for advertiser programmes

Make sure to find the best matching programmes in the zanox marketplace.

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