How to find and apply for the best matching programs

The right advertiser programmes are just a few clicks away. Finding the right partners to promote via your publisher business model is the key to success. At zanox we offer you access to more than 4,300 international advertiser programmes in different industries. Keep in mind that a validated ad space is required to apply for advertiser programmes.

Find and apply for the best matching programmes

Join our top advertiser programmes

Are you looking for advertiser programmes to promote on your ad space? Have a look at our top advertisers here or find a complete list of advertiser programmes in the zanox marketplace.

Did you already know that zanox also offers an affiliate programme? With the zanox "affiliates find affiliates" programme, you will get paid for promoting zanox to your partners.

How to find the best matching programmes

Select the advertisers that best suit your business model/ content and evaluate their commission models. The better the fit between the advertiser and your content, the more likely visitors convert into transactions.

What is important to get approved

Advertisers check applications to their programmes regularly. To get approved for advertiser programmes, it helps to keep the following criterea in mind:

On your ad space

  • Professional appearance of your ad space/ website
  • Relevant content on your ad space
  • Fit to advertiser programme
  • Imprint/ contact information

On the zanox side

How to find advertiser contact details

Successful relationships are  the basis for your success as a publisher. Make sure to find advertiser programmes in the zanox marketplace and connect with them!

Your next steps

Integrate ad media on your ad space

Find out how to integrate and manage ad media to start generating commissions.

Increase your website traffic

Increase your ad space reach to increase leads and sales.

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