How to integrate ad media on your ad space

As soon as you have succesfully applied for advertiser programmes, you can start implementing their ad media on your website. Ad media are banners, text links, widgets, or any other kind of online advertising material an advertiser provides to its publishers. In addition to the advertisement itself, ad media always contain a tracking code which allows zanox to track which publisher generated the sale and is eligible to receive a commission for it.

We offer several tools which help you to monetise and optimise your ad media with great ease.

Integrate ad media on your ad space

How to add ad media to your ad space

In this step-by-step video guide you can find out how to add media to your ad space. Different types of ad media can be used such as banners, text links, voucher codes and deeplinks.

How to create deeplinks easily

Create deeplinks to specific product landing pages with ease via the zanox deeplink generator and instantly receive personalised affiliate links. As deeplinks are very relevant for the end customer, the conversion rate of deeplinks is usually higher than other ad media. Find out how you can benefit from it!

How to use zanox Ad Delivery

zanox Ad Delivery is an ad serving solution for managing and optimising ad media using zanox media containers on your website. With ad delivery you can display various ad media from different advertiser programmes, of the same size, in the same location on your website. As they will be rotating, this is the perfect solution to test which ad media or advertiser programmes work best for your audience.

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