How to increase your website traffic

Traffic builds the basis of your publisher success and enables you to earn money in the zanox network. The more traffic the more likely a sale or a lead is generated via your affiliate links. There are different online channels supproting you in increasing your traffic such as SEO, SEA and social media. We share some of our easy-to-implement tips with you!

Increase your website traffic

Kick-start with a content strategy

Content is an important factor in differentiating you from your competitors and keeping visitors interested. It also supports your activities in SEO, SEA and social media.

Tips for your content strategy:

  • Differentiate from your competitors with unique and relevant content, it also ensures a better SEO ranking
  • Include pictures or graphics to visualise your content
  • A blog can be a great addition to create extra content


With an SEO-optimised website, you can increase your organic ranking in search engines and, in doing so, potentially generate more traffic for you.

SEO tips:

  • Make sure to include the keywords you want to be found with and that customers search for on your website and landing pages
  • Optimise your keywords and find out about customer search behaviour with Google's Keyword Tool
  • Gather backlinks from other relevant website in your niche. It will not only drive traffic to your website, it will also boost your rankings in the search enginges


With SEA, you buy keywords on search engines and pay-per-click. As this is a method that costs more than just the time you spend implementing it, you should make sure that it is worth trying.

How to define your SEA strategy:

  1. Calculating the expected ROI
  2. Testing with small amounts first
  3. Evaluating keyword conversion (e.g. via your Google Adwords account)
  4. Optimising keywords regularly – continue with those that perform well and remove the ones that are not converting

SEA tips:

  1. Longtail and niche keywords are less expensive and might even direct the right customers to your website
  2. Broader keywords have greater reach, but ads may be less relevant
  3. Prices depend on quality score
  4. The quality score can be improved via CTR and when keywords can also be found in the ads and on the landing pages

Social media

Social media can be used for several goals such as building relationships with your visitors, providing a service channel to your visitors and driving traffic to your website. To interact with your visitors, it is important to offer them good content such as blog articles, videos or photos.

Which social media channel fits best depends on your ad space. You can go for the global networks as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, but also don't underestimate niche and local networks.

Social media tips:

  • Be engaging: Reach out to (potential) visitors and interact with them. Ask questions, encourage feedback, and react on the feedback.
  • Be direct and honest: If you are getting feedback or reactions, let your visitors know that this is appreciated and answer appropriately.
  • Be personal: Don't be afraid to get a bit personal, most visitors will appreciate a bit of a personal touch behind a (webstie) brand. 
  • Don't be too pushy: Good and relevant offers can be of interest for your visitors. But try to keep a balance in between commercial and non-commercial messages.

Your next steps

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