How to convert your clicks into money

As soon as you are driving decent amounts of traffic to your ad space, you can start converting that traffic into commisions. The bigger the reach of your ad space, the more potential you have to drive transactions to the advertiser programmes you applied for.

Convert clicks into money

Start promoting the best-suited programmes

Find the best matching programmes in the advertiser directory

Did you already implement interesting advertiser programmes on your ad space? This is the first step of converting traffic into money. Some tips for finding the best-suited advertisers:

  • Are the programmes relevant for your audience?
  • Does the commission model fit? Are there similar programmes with better conditions? You can easily filter advertiser programmes according to programme KPIs in the zanox marketplace.
  • Is the implementation user friendly – is a call to action included?

Apply for our top programmes

With over 4,300 international advertiser programmes in the zanox marketplace, there are surely some programmes that fit to your audience. Have a look at our top advertisers below, or find a complete overview of advertisers in the zanox marketplace.

Did you already know that zanox also offers an affiliate programme? With the zanox "affiliates find affiliates" programme, you will get paid for promoting zanox to your partners.

How to achieve the best results

Your affiliate links are key to success. You should therefore make sure they are promoted prominently on your ad space.

  • The amount of programmes makes a difference – do not just concentrate on 2-3 advertiser programmes. This gives you the option of selecting the best-suited ad media from a wide range of advertiser offers.
  • Text links should be marked with a call to action, e.g. "buy now".
  • Deeplinks convert better and ensure greater relevance. The consumer views the product within one click, which makes the user experience smoother.
  • Ad banners should be relevant and eye-catching; however, less is more – don't place too many banners on your page.
  • Rotation banner can help you to evaluate the performance of different programmes. Our zanox Ad Delivery tool works the magic for you.


Your next steps

Evaluate your first earnings

Keep monetizing your earnings to hit the minimum payout requirements.

Increase your earnings

You already generate leads and sales? Find out how to generate more!

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