Evaluate your first earnings

As soon as you achieved your first earnings in the zanox network, you will see this directly in your account overview on your publisher dashboard.

Keep in mind that there is a difference in "open commissions" and "confirmed commissions". Your open commissions will be confirmed as soon as the advertiser has approved the transaction or if the advertiser's account is covered. You get paid, when we get paid.

Your first earnings

Approved vs. confirmed commissions

Account overview on your publisher dashboard

As soon as you see your first commissions appearing in your account balance, you are almost ready for your first payout. When you meet the following two conditions, your money is ready to be transferred onto your account:

  • Approved commissions need to be confirmed to be eligible for payout – this may take a few weeks, depending on the programme settings.
  • A minimum balance of 25 € in confirmed commissions is required for payout.

How to make more money with zanox

The sooner you will reach the minimum payout limit, the sooner you will be able to retrieve your commissions. Take advantage of the following tips to increase your earnings:

  1. Promote your ad media and affiliate links prominently.
  2. Apply for the top programmes in your industry.
  3. Compare advertiser commissions to find the best match.
  4. Increase your customer base to increase your sales and leads.
  5. Use zanox reportings to evaluate and increase your performance.

Your next steps

Increase your earnings

You already generate leads and sales? Find out how to generate more!

Your first payout

Hit the minimum payout requirements and receive your earnings onto your bank account.

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