How to increase your earnings

As soon as you achieved your first earnings, you are only a few clicks away from your first payout. Make sure to continue promoting your affiliate links greatly and you will be able retrieve your first payout shortly. Keep in mind that the minimum requirement for payout is 25 € confirmed commissions in your account balance.

There are two ways to increase your earnings actively. You can either optimise your performance at the beginning of the funnel (increase the reach of your ad space) or at the end of the funnel (increase the conversion of your ad space and motive more visitors to make a transaction via one of your advertisers).

Increase your earnings

Increase the reach of your ad space

The bigger your reach, the more likely it is that you start generating transactions for our advertisers. You can increase your reach by promoting your ad space elsewhere on the internet. Make use of search engine marketing (SEO, SEA), be active on social media channels, gather newsletter subscriptions or start campaigns on other relevant channels.

A unique and creative content strategy will boost your online success as it is one of the main traffic drivers. It supports your Google ranking, but also keeps your audience interested. Duplicated content does not set you apart from the crowd. Therefore, be creative and combine your content with the keywords you want to be found under!

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Increase the conversion of your ad space

The more relevant the ad media is to your audience, the more likely they will convert into transactions. You can find relevant advertisers by filtering them in the programme directory. zanox offers a wide range of advertisers in different industries (telco & services, finance, retail & shopping and travel).

As soon as you found relevant advertisers, you can implement their ad media in your ad space. Use different types of ad media to find out what works best for your business model. Remove the links that are not performing and replace them with links that convert better. Also test with different call to actions. This way the converstion rate can be improved.

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Connect with relevant advertisers

Apply for one of over 4,300 advertiser programmes today and kick-start your online earnings. Join one of our selected top advertisers or find a complete overview of our advertisers in the zanox marketplace.

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