How to receive your first payout

As soon as you fullfilled our minimum payout requirements, you are ready for payout! Note that a minimum account balance of 25 € in confirmed commissions is required for each payout. You are now just a few clicks away from receiving your money onto your bank account!

Your first payout

How to retrieve your money

You only need to complete a few actions before we send your money on its way:

  • Make sure your bank details are correct and complete
  • Go to "Settings" and "Payment"
  • Alternatively go to "Open Payments: Detailed View" and "Authorise credit notes"

That's it – there is no need to send us an invoice or authorise the payment any further. Your money is on its way. Please allow a few days for it to be credited to your bank account.

Please note:
If you cannot retrieve the full amount shown in the account overview, please check if the difference has been credited to your account in the current payment cycle. These funds are not yet ready for authorisation. They can be withdrawn in the next payment cycle.

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