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M-commerce is still on it's rise and shows exceptional growth rates every year. Mobile sales keep on growing at a fast pace and so do order values.

At zanox we provide you with a performance-based mobile solution to take your business mobile and to benefit from the ever-growing market. Our state-of-the-art mobile tracking supports: mobile websites, mobile traffic, app tracking.

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Mobile tracking

We enable you to take your affiliate marketing activities mobile. Our mobile web tracking, mobile-specific ad media, mobile landing pages and growing mobile traffic ensure top performance in m-commerce.

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In-App tracking

We support the market's biggest app tracking providers so you can start your campaign quickly on a CPI or CPO basis.

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Mobile campaigns

We currently send traffic to over 500 mobile client websites. Our mobile publisher base provides mobile traffic via innovative business models.

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Tips for your mobile advertising strategy

  • Design and use ad media specifically for the mobile medium, with clean, simple layouts and quick loading times

  • Create a mobile optimized page

  • Optimise landing pages  specifically to convert mobile visitors into customers

  • Test and optimise your ads and landing pages to learn what works best

  • Use our publisher apps to achieve the best results

zanox Mobile Performance Barometer

Outstanding growth rates in 2015

With a record of more than 1.5million mobile transactions in January – half a million up on the previous year and growth rates averaging 52.4 % again mobile performance surpassed all records. Mobile sales revenue grew up 60 % compared to last year and triple the numbers of 2013 at the same time of the year. Shopping baskets reached an all-time high. With €95 average basket value, tablets remain the top turnover devices.

  • Performance: 54% more transactions yield 60% uplift in turnover
  • Buying Power: Average order values increase by 18.4%
  • Mobile shift: 15% less revenue share from iPad shifts to smartphones

In our recent Mobile Performance Barometer we give exclusive insights on the state of mobile commerce in 2015.

What is the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer?

The zanox Mobile Performance Barometer analyses zanox data from over 3,500 advertiser programmes in all zanox markets reflecting the development, trends and user behavior in mcommerce so far in 2015. Next to the European markets (Benelux, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, Swiss and United Kingdom), for the first time Brazil and USA have been taken into account. The results are based on data for mobile transactions and the revenue generated on the network. zanox' main industries comprise retail & fashion, travel, financial services, and telecommunication & services.

Learn more about the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer.

Personalised zanox mobile analysis

For zanox advertisers, zanox offers individual zanox mobile analysis. Advertisers can follow their mobile performance on a programme-specific basis. zanox publishers can also track revenues generated by mobile devices and identify which mobile programmes are generating the most traffic. 


  • Increase your reach via our mobile publishers and boost your sales.
  • Reach out to new customers mobile display campaigns.
  • Benefit from the performance-based commission model.


  • Convert your mobile traffic into money with targetsed mobile ads media.
  • Extend your affiliate business with a mobile website or app to increase your earnings.
  • Monetize your mobile traffic and earn attractive commissions.

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